Salem, New Hampshire

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Financial assistance is available for SYB players. 

No potential participant will be turned away due to lack of personal funds. If the League provides financial assistance, you may be asked to participate in additional volunteer or fundraising duties. 

To aid parents who may need assistance with registration fees, Salem Youth Baseball Financial Assistance program covers the following areas: 

  • Full financial aid that covers registration fees

  • Partial financial aid that covers a portion of the registration fees

To request Financial Assistance for the 2023 Baseball Season, please complete this form.

There you will be asked to answer a few questions regarding your hardship and once submitted  to the league a determination will be made on the final registration fee for 2023 within 7 days.  You will then be notified by the online system and requested to pay the final determined registration fee or commit to additional volunteer hours or fundraising efforts. 

Thank you, 

Salem Youth Baseball 

Secretary Jim Briggs (

President Adam Abbas ( )