Salem, New Hampshire

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Farm League Guidelines -- Salem Youth Baseball


1) While the score will be kept, winning and losing should not be emphasized.  It is not one of the main purposes of the program.  

2) Games last 6 innings, time permitting.  No inning may start after 1hours 45 minutes hours of play when games are scheduled consecutively. (If the home team is ahead after 5 ½ innings, it will be up to the coaches to decide whether or not to play the last half inning.)

3) Home team plays the field first.   

4) Parents and Junior Umpires will be used at this level.  A Junior umpire will work Home Plate and a Parent will be in charge of bases.  Home team is responsible for providing a parent to umpire the bases. Coaches and parents should be reminded that the Junior Umpires are 13-15 year old umpires and should be treated as such

5) Pitching – Pitching will be structured as follows;  

  • Games 1 & 2 will be all Coach pitch (or machine).  Coach should pitch from a knee (no lobbing balls). No Walks and strikeouts count.

  • Games 3-9 will be 3 innings of play pitch and 3 innings coach or machine pitch. From games 3-6 walks will not be issued. once a batter reaches ball four a coach will come in and pitch and assume the current count on the batter. Upon issuing the second walk of the inning the rest of the inning will be coach pitch.  For games 6-9 walks will be issued to batters two walks will be allowed per inning upon issuing the third walk the coach will come in to finish the at bat with the current count on the batter. The coach will then complete the inning. No runs can score on a walk. If the bases are loaded and a pitcher reaches ball four the coach must come in to finish the at bat.

Games 10 -12 & Playoffs- All six innings will be kid pitch. Innings 1-3 walks will be issued as in the rules above. In innings 4-6 walks will not be issued. Once a pitcher throws ball four a coach will come into the game and finish the at bat with whatever the count is on the batter. If a pitcher walks reaches ball four on three batters in an inning the remainder of the inning will be coach pitch. 


Pitch counts should be strictly enforced.  7 & 8 year olds are allowed no more than 50 pitches in a game, but may finish the current batter if they reach 50 during an at bat.  In addition a pitcher must observe a number of days rest based on pitches thrown as follows:

  • 1 – 20 pitches: May pitch the next day

  • 21 – 35 pitches: 1 calendar day rest

  • 36 – 50 pitches: 2 calendar days rest

Pitch counts should be updated in the league website after each game.

6) Managers are encouraged to let all players have an opportunity to pitch.

7) A pitcher must be removed from the game if he hits 3 batters in one inning or 4 batters in a game

8) No pitcher may wear white long sleeves or any wristbands

9) Once a pitcher has been removed from the mound he may not return as a pitcher in that game

10) Any player who has thrown more than 40 pitches cannot play the position of catcher in that game.  Any player who has caught 4 innings or more can not enter the game as a pitcher.

11) During regular season play, all players can be put in the field, for playoffs there are nine defensive positions:   

      1st, 2nd, shortstop, 3rd, catcher, pitcher (who does not actually pitch), left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder. 

12) Each player present; plays at least 3 defensive innings. 

13) All players present are in the batting order.   A player bats when it is his/her turn even if they did not play in the field. 

14) Bunting is not allowed

15) Walks will not be awarded until a date mid season designated by the Farm League Director and VP of Baseball.  Upon a 4th ball being thrown a coach from the team at bat will complete the at bat.  At no point in the season will walks be awarded with the bases loaded.  If a 4th ball is thrown with the bases loaded the coach will complete the at bat.

16) There will be a 5 run limit in each of the first five innings.  The 6th inning is uncapped.  No mercy rule

17) When the ball is thrown in from the outfield, base runners must stop when the ball reaches the infield (even if the throw is not caught).  They are allowed only the base that they are already running towards at that time. 

18) When a ball is overthrown to first base, base runners cannot advance to the next base. 

19) If a batter or base runner interferes with a defensive player who is fielding the ball, then he/she is call out. 

20) Leading is not allowed at this level.  The runner can’t leave the base until the ball is hit. 

21) Stealing bases is not allowed at this level. 

22) THERE ARE NO ON DECK BATTERS SWINGING BATS!!!  The next batter does not pick up the bat until the previous play is completed and they have a batting helmet on.  No exceptions. 

23) Each team is responsible for picking up litter on their side of the field after the game. 

24) Players must wear long pants when playing (shorts are not permitted). 

25) All catchers must wear a cup

26) If lightning is seen or thunder is heard, the game stops immediately and the players take cover!!!  The game does not  

      Continue until ½ hour has passed free of lightning and/or thunder! 

27) Each manager is asked to create a call up list early in the season, which should contain 3-5 players that have the ability to play up at the next level as a fill in if needed.  This list should include only 8 year old players and should be submitted to the league director early in the season.

28) All teams make the playoffs. Playoff format will be a single elimination tournament.  5 team format as follows.  4 seed and 5 seed play and the winner will play the 1 seed. 2 seed and 3 seed play. Winner of 4/5 vs 1 and 2 vs 3 will play in Championship.   Playoff games cannot end in a tie, if game is called due to darkness or weather, the game will resume in the exact spot where it was PPD.

29) No head first slides are allowed.  A head first slide will result in an out after one team warning

30) Each team responsible for one day during the year to clean/field maintenance.