Salem, New Hampshire

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1. All teams will dress a catcher. 

2. A ball that is put in play that stays on the infield is one base only. You are not to run your players around the bases in an effort to get the other team to throw the ball around. Our goal is to teach the game properly not to try and run up scores. There will be no advancement on an overthrow at first base. We are better off teaching kids at this point to run through first base. If a ball put in play by a batter is hit into the outfield once the ball is thrown into the infield the play is dead and there will be no further advancement of baserunners. 
3. We are encouraging the development of pitchers. We have had success with starting games as coach pitch and working pitchers into the game. The league goal is to have players pitching all six inning by the end of the season if possible. To start the season, the first three innings for coach pitch and the last three innings player pitch. By mid season this will be cut down to first two innings coach pitch and four innings kid pitch.  By the end of the season all six innings player pitch. This rule will be reviewed as the season develops and changes will be made as needed. 
4. Players are only allowed to throw up to 50 pitches in a game. Rest rules are 36-50 pitches two days rest. 21-35 pitches one day rest. 1-20 pitches zero days rest.
5. Coaches will call balls and strikes for their own batters. Please be fair with the strike zone.
6. Once pitchers walk the bases loaded they are done for the game and the coach must come in and pitch the remainder of the inning. (see rule 7 for coach pitching)
7. You have the option of using the pitching machine instead of coach pitching. If you opt for coach pitching no lobbing the ball in is allowed. Lobbing the ball in develops an upper cut swing which we want to avoid.
8. Hit batters if a batter is hit by a pitch then the coach will come in to pitch to him. No base will be awarded. 
9. Coaches are allowed and encouraged to be on the field to coach their players. This is a developmental league and goes a long way in developing your players.
10. There is a five run limit per inning. The sixth inning is an opening inning
11. There is no base stealing or advancement on pass balls. 
12. There is no leading. Players are not allowed to leave the base until the ball crosses the plate. 
13. All scores and pitching counts must be reported the same day as your game. 
14. Sliding; there are no head first slides. If there is a tag play at a base, runners must slide or they will be called out. 
15. This should be rule number one HAVE FUN!