Salem, New Hampshire

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Intermediate Guidelines -- Salem Youth Baseball



  1. While the score will be kept, winning and losing should not be emphasized.  It is not one of the main purposes of the program.

  2. Games will be played under the rules of the 2023 Little League Baseball Rulebook  

2) Games last 7 innings, time permitting.  No inning may start after 2 hours of play. (If the home team is ahead after 6 ½ innings, it will be up to the coaches to decide whether or not to play the last half inning.)

3) Home team plays the field first.   

4) Each team is responsible for picking up litter on their side of the field after the game. 

6) Players must wear long pants when playing (shorts are not permitted). 

7) The infield fly and dropped third strike rules will be used at this level.

8) The nine regular defensive positions are used. 

9) Players will pitch and pitch counts should be strictly enforced.  13 year olds are allowed no more than 95 pitches in a game, but may finish the current batter if they reach 85 during an at bat.  In addition a pitcher must observe a number of days rest based on pitches thrown as follows:  

  • 1 – 20 pitches: May pitch the next day

  • 21 – 35 pitches: 1 calendar day rest

  • 36 – 50 pitches: 2 calendar days rest

  • 51 – 66 pitches: 3 calendar days rest

  • 66+ pitches: 4 calendar days rest

Pitch counts should be updated in the league website after each game.

11) A pitcher must be removed from the game if he hits 3 batters in one inning or 4 batters in a game

12) No pitcher may wear white long sleeves or any wristbands

13) Once a pitcher has been removed from the mound he may not return as a pitcher that game

14) Any player who has thrown more than 40 pitches cannot play the position of catcher in that game.  Any player who has caught 4 innings or more can not enter the game as a pitcher.

15) All players present bat in the batting order.  A player bats when it’s his/her turn even if they did not play in the field that inning.    

16) A mercy rule of 15 runs after four innings will be enforced.

18) Leading is not allowed.  The runner can’t leave the base until the ball has reached the batter or is hit. 

19) Stealing is allowed but a runner may not leave the base until the ball has reached the batter.  Delayed steals will be allowed, but will be limited to 3 per team per game.

20) THERE ARE NO ON DECK BATTERS SWINGING BATS!!! The next batter does not pick up the bat until the previous play is completed. 

21) No player picks up a bat until they have a batting helmet on.  No exceptions. 

22) If lightning is seen or thunder is heard, the game stops immediately and the players take cover!!!  The game does not  

      continue until ½ hour has passed free of lightning and/or thunder! 

23) All catchers must wear a cup

24) Head first sliding is not permitted unless going back into a base.

25) Managers are required to provide each player with a minimum of three innings (9 defensive outs) during each game.

26) If a team will have less than 9 players the league director should be contacted for a call up.  A called up player is not allowed to pitch or catch and should generally be limited to playing the outfield.

27) All teams make the playoffs. Playoff format will be a single elimination tournament.  5 team format as follows.  4 seed and 5 seed play and the winner will play the 1 seed. 2 seed and 3 seed play. Winner of 4/5 vs 1 and 2 vs 3 will play in Championship.   Playoff games cannot end in a tie, if game is called due to darkness or weather, the game will resume in the exact spot where it was PPD.

28) Each team is responsible for one day during the year to clean/field maintenance.