Salem, New Hampshire

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Summer Team Guidelines -- Salem Youth Baseball


  1. The 10,11 & 12 year old District team shall be selected by the vote of each Manager (or his appointee).  Each Manager should take note of the ballplayers on the other teams as the season progresses. Each Manager shall present a list of nominees from his team. He should be prepared to offer some vital information to the other Managers. Ability, attitude, performance and availability will be the criteria used to select. The first five (5) selections shall be by unanimous vote of the managers, the next three by majority vote.  The District manager, with approval of the respective League Director(s) shall make the final four (4) selections.

  2. The selection process should take place no earlier than June 7th.  Teams may not be announced, get together and/or practice until allowed by Little League Headquarters.  Violation of this rule may result in a team’s removal from the Little League International tournaments.  

  3. The District Team Manager shall be elected by vote of a committee consisting of the Managers (or designees) from the division and 3 members of the Board of Directors, namely the League Director, VP Little League and the League President.  Managers must receive 2/3 approval from the committee.  Replacements to this committee can only be made by the president of the League and they must be current members of the Board of Directors with direct familiarity with the respective division.      

  4. The Coach(es) shall be nominated by the Manager, but must be approved by the Board of Directors.

  5. District and or tournament Manager and Coach candidates must be current Managers or Coaches within that division.  Candidates who have not participated within that division are not eligible.   

  6. Selection of 8 and 9 year old tournament teams will be based upon a tryout conducted by the appointed coaching staff.  

  7. Tournament teams can be selected from the players that do not make district teams, but should be limited to players that participated in tryouts.