Salem, New Hampshire

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Responsibilities of Managers  & Coaches -- Salem Youth Baseball


A few of the many responsibilities of managers & coaches: 


Covid 19 Guidelines:  The league has set forth Covid 19 guidelines which much be followed by all members of Salem Youth Baseball. 


Safety: Safety must be the number one priority at all practices and games! Please refer to the Salem Youth Baseball Safety plan for complete information on safety procedures. The Safety plan is available on the Salem Youth Baseball website. Be sure that all safety equipment is worn properly at all times (batting helmets, catcher’s gear, etc.).  Set up procedures to ensure that people are in safe locations and paying attention any time that other players are batting or throwing.   Look out for any safety issues off the playing field as well (cars in parking lots, kids climbing on dugouts, etc.).  Be sure to consider heat related situations and allow breaks where players have access to water. 

Strictly enforce these two simple rules: 

1) No player swings a bat unless they are wearing a batting helmet! 

2) There are no on deck batters holding bats!  Only one player at a time has a bat!    


Communication:  A major responsibility for each manager is ensuring high quality communication with players and parents.  It is recommended that you start the year by holding a meeting with your team's parents and players to set goals, explain your philosophy, and go over policies.  Let parents know how and when the best ways to communicate with you are.  Each manager will also distribute game and practice schedules as well as any other league communications generated during the season.   


Equipment:  At the beginning of the season, there will be an equipment pick up day where you will sign out your team‘s equipment.  You are responsible for the proper use, care, storage, and return of the equipment. Contact the league Equipment Director; Mike Bracci ( ) if an item becomes broken and needs replacing or if you have a player that needs equipment of a different size than you were issued. 


Practice: Managers at all levels should be prepared with a practice plan to ensure a well run efficient practice. Practice time is critical to ensure players have the basic skills required to succeed and advance to the next level.  The Board of Directors, and specifically the Coaching Coordinator, is available to provide sample practice plans and to provide guidance in how to manage an effective practice.  If there are two teams sharing a field for practice, this should not result in those teams using the practice time to play a scrimmage.  


Code of Conduct: It is expected that the players, coaches, managers and parents affiliated with Salem Youth Baseball will maintain a code of conduct and good sportsmanship. The guidelines for the code of conduct shall include but are not limited to the following:


1. Umpires, managers, coaches, players, parents and spectators shall treat each other with respect at all times.

2. No player should throw their bat or helmet and shall refrain from using explicit language.

3. Managers, coaches, and players shall convey good sportsmanship in their words and actions at all times.


It is expected that all managers and coaches will lead by example and display good sportsmanship, use appropriate language and have a positive attitude.  Parents, too, are expected to be restrained and display good sportsmanship and if they fail to do so, it is your responsibility to discuss the matter with them.


Violations to the code of conduct can result in warnings, ejections, and/or suspensions. The league directors and executive board shall be involved in any reprimands.


Every Manager and Coach will be asked to fill out a team evaluation form before the end of the season.  This will be used in the next year draft.  If there are three coaches/helpers, then the mangers are responsible for collecting the data and sending to the player agent.