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Little League Age Calculator can be found here

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QUESTION: How do I find out if game is canceled due to weather conditions?

ANSWER: One can visit the website.  We also send out emails to members and a message thru the SI Play app.

QUESTION: Where are Bergeron Field, Veterans Field and Michele 3 Field?

ANSWER: These field are located at Michele Park, 175-190 Lawrence Road, Salem NH.  Bergeron is the front Little League Field, Veterans is the back LL/50/70 Field and Michele 3 is the 60/90 field.

QUESTION: When will I find out what team my son/daughter is on?

ANSWER: Members will be contacted by their coach within one week of the tryout date

QUESTION: I would like my son/daughter to play on the same team as his best friend.  Can we do this?

ANSWER: Players in Tee Ball will be placed on teams by the league director, based on the child's school and/or street address.  If you have a special request such as the one above, please contact your League Director.

QUESTION: When does the season begin?

ANSWER: Off season workouts will begin in March. 

QUESTION: When will the season end?

ANSWER: Season usually ends the third week of June.

QUESTION: Will my child receive a trophy at the end of the season?

ANSWER: All children that participate in T-Ball will receive a trophy at the end of the season.  At the Farm League level and above, only the winners and losers of the championship game will receive a trophy.

QUESTION: What equipment do I need to purchase?

ANSWER: The only equipment you need is a baseball mitt.  And for age 9 and above, athletic supporters/protective cups are required.  All other equipment purchases (bats, helmets, pants, socks, catching equipment, etc.) are optional.

QUESTION: How do I get involved in coaching or managing a team?

ANSWER: Coaching at any level is appreciated and will qualify for your families required volunteer hours.  We ask that all potential coaches complete the "Coach" section when registering their players so that the league can coordinate communication as the season approaches. 

The coaching volunteer form can be found here and under the Documents section of the SYB home page.  Please complete and send along with a copy of your driver's license to our Safety Director: Chad Buckley ( )


For additional information on Coaching or to confirm your interest for the season, please contact our Coaching Coordinator: Ryan DeStefano (


QUESTION: How are coaches and managers selected?

ANSWER: A special meeting of the Board of Directors decides who will manage at each level, and who is eligible to coach.

QUESTION: What is the difference between a manager and a coach?

ANSWER: Managers organize the team practices and determine the lineups and playing time during the games.  They are responsible for collecting, cleaning and returning the equipment, and are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their team, their coaches and their parents.  Like managers, coaches are responsible for teaching the game to the kids at practices and games, and filling in as manager when needed.

QUESTION: As a parent, what can I do to help?

ANSWER: Support your coaches, as they are volunteering a great deal of time to ensure that your son or daughter enjoys the best possible season.  Help out whenever you can by raking or lining the fields before a game, or picking up trash when you see it lying on the ground.  Practice as often as possible with your child at home, for the better they become at the game, the more they will enjoy it.  And most of all, be supportive of your children as they learn this game, cheer for both sides during the games and be kind to our umpires.  Don't become one of those crazed "sports moms or dads" you read about in the news.

QUESTION: What is the league age of my child?

ANSWER: Please refer to the registration page. Each division shows the dates of eligibility by birthday.  Little League Age Calculator can be found here